Great Makeup Tricks for a Diamond Face


Great Makeup Tricks for a Diamond FaceMakeup tricks for diamond face are one of the hardest-to-find makeup tricks. If you have been tired of finding the makeup tips and tricks for diamond face that can really work, this post is just for you. I have pulled together a few clever makeup tricks for you that will definitely help you get the desired effect and look.

Check out the tips…

Stay with Warm-toned Blusher

The first and foremost makeup trick for diamond face shapes suggest you to stay with warmer tones while picking off blusher. Warm colors such as peach and apricot smartly emphasize your cheekbones making them really stand out.

Silvery Eyeshadow

This makeup tip for diamond faces is all about eyeshadows that work great to make the most of your best facial features. For those having diamond face, silvery eyeshadow might be the perfect choice. It actually protracts your shape and makes your eyes pop. Just add a little silver across your lids and see the wonder it does!!!

Use Highlighter on Cheeks

Making use of highlighter onto your face is one more excellent but rarely known makeup trick for diamond faces. Adding a little highlighting shade just underneath your cheeks and along the jawline will make your face appear more even.

Play up your Cheeks

Another great way to make your forehead look less wide is to create the illusion of wider cheekbones. It can easily be done by doing upwards brush strokes along your cheek apples all the way upto the temple. Taking the width away from your forehead it will create a wider face instead.

Pale Lipstick

When you have diamond face, your all emphasis happens to be on playing your forehead down with different makeup tricks so as to create false impression of even face. Using pale lippies is also a great way to do so. Pale lipstick color overshadows your wider forehead by calling attention towards your lips. However, those with pale skin tone are advised not to settle on super-pale lipstick shades.