Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup


Achieve the desirable sun-kissed glow this season with Guerlain’s new makeup products that are devised especially to get you the very sizzling look you’d always longed for!

Finally, the wait ended and Guerlain Terracotta unveiled its revolutionary makeup collection a couple of weeks back. Guerlain Terracotta spring/summer 2013 makeup collection encompasses new pigments formulated especially to deliver the best bronzed skin finish.

Women have been going crazy for the Guerlain’s Terracotta products since the inception of the new makeup line and one of the Terracotta products, cult bronzing powder is reported to be sold somewhere in the world every 20-30 seconds. Here is given a brief review of Guerlain Terracotta’s new product line; go through the post and find the best product for you!!!

Guerlain Terracotta Spring Summer 2013 Makeup

Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder

Available everywhere in just 75 bucks, Terracotta 4 season bronzing powder allows you create a perfect palette for every season. This powders collection features four shades that can be blended to create a nuance that goes with your natural coloring perfectly. Moreover, Guerlain offers six shade-mixes to accommodate varying complexions of the ladies out there. Just mix together the right shades and indulge yourself in the pleasure of Terracotta glow.

Terracotta Skin Foundation

Aiming at providing you a picture-perfect, clear and smooth complexion with a matte finish, this luxurious cream-powder foundation diminishes the appearance of large pores and disguises any skin flaws while maintaining its natural gloss. Its light reflecting particles create the very healthy glow that can never be overlooked easily. So choose your best match from Nude, Blonde or Brunette shades.

Terracotta Sun Scrub

For those ladies out there who’re rummaging around for a tailor-made tan, Terracotta’s sun scrub is definitely a must try. This oil-based scrub, when comes in contact with water, transforms into a body milk which sloughs off any dead skin through gentle massaging, leaving your skin soft, smooth and luminous. Once you get your skin tanned, this product enhances the tan by adding to its intensity and radiance.

Terracotta Sun Serum

This remarkable serum is making your tan more perfect, deeper and long lasting. Pouring a few drops of this fabulous product in your regular skincare product will transform it into a tan a tan-booster right away. Its unique formulation makes it 15 times more effectual than other tan enhancers. So gals, give it a shot and enjoy a gradually-acquired fab subtle tan!

Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle

Lightly scented with tiare fragrance, this tinted spray mist is meant specifically for your legs. Its boasts non-transfer pigmentation which give your legs a perfect, smoother tan and some ingredients with extra-cooling effect that freshen them up, leaving them feeling cooled and relaxed.

Terracotta Sunless Self-Tanning Gel

Significant for its ultra-penetrating texture, sunless tanning gel by Guerlain is the answer to a flawless, streak-free tan. This is actually a two-in-one formula which also moisturizes and evens out your skin while delivering the illusion of sunkissed skin.