Hair Care In Humid Atmosphere


hair-care-in-humid-atmosphereHair Care In Humid Atmosphere – It is much amusing to see the dark clouds spreading across the sky. And after few moments heavy showers of rain quench the thirst of land. Enjoy the rains by bathing in the rainy showers with bright greenery is really the wonder full sight. But with all these blessing of natural beauties the hair and skin care become crucial. The oily glands become over active and due to this it is called bad hair season.

To maintain their natural health and shine the following tips are to be used:

  • All types of hair get sticky and oily in this season so wash hair daily with mild shampoo.
  • People except with naturally oily hair should use the conditioners to retain the natural shine and health of the hair.
  • Frizz in hair is the common problem in this season so does hot oil treatment once in a week. The oil is massaged with the pores of fingers in the skin of the scalp. Then covered with shower cap, after an hour these are washed with Luke warm water.
  • If the hairs are already oily then add little amount of camphor in coconut oil and massage in the hair,
  • If the scalp is dry then mix the almond oil and coconut oil together and massage in the   roots of the hair. Wash care fully to drain the oil from the hairs.
  • The hairstyle used by which the vigorous pressure on the roots is not applied. Otherwise they get damaged and hair fall is mostly seen in this weather conditions.
  • Use the pack of egg and yogurt once in a week to make the hair strong and shiny.
  • Make a paste of Indian goose berry powder and basil leaves with henna and apply on the scalp. It will restore the shine and texture of the hairs.
  • Use the above tricks in hair care and enjoy the rains.