Hair Care Tip


Hair of course is an essential feature for gorgeous look. The healthy shiny hairs are the requirement for every age. With all other body feature we always remain conscious for the looks and texture of hairs. As we grow mature the hair also under go different changes the most apparent changes in hairs as we grow elder are the graying of hair, hair loss, lifeless hair and they become thin and thin if not properly cared. So at 40s the hair care is most important and needs considerable attention. At this stage there are certain measures to be taken in the hair care.

Balanced diet;

The diet plays a major role in each phase of life and each one has its own requirements. At the age of 40 the role of diet is more important in this respect because this stage all the body habits have been developed and the diet enhance them. And maintain them. Secondly now in the body the degenerative processes are going to start. And these degenerative changes are irreversible now. In case of hairs the graying of hairs is now to start. We can slow down this process by taking the suitable care of our diet.

Take care of hair texture;

As with the onset of menopausal changes the hair texture also suffers much. These become coarse Hard. Rough fizzy looks and easily tangled. They become split easily and fall rapidly on becoming thin. So all this create a great mental tension to the person passing through such changes. In order to avoid all this it is important to use the hair care products which give long term results. Use proper shampoos which give the coarse hair the silky touch especially on coming back from outside’s pollution. Give your hair the shiny look by proper and regular massaging with Luke warm oil. Hair mask of egg and other herbal hair masks should be used to maintain their texture to the healthy one.

Take care of hair growth;

As now the hair growth is at very slow rate so it is better that the length of hairs should be medium or with just shoulder cut, so that they may be tied and handled easily.  Use such hair care products which stimulate the hair follicles and keep them in activated condition for youthful hairs.

Dyeing with proper color;

At this stage to dye the hair is a requirement not a fashion so coat your hairs with the dyes which are compatible to your hair texture and also the color should match with your face complexion and your age. Usually the experts guide you by keeping in mind about the selection of color and trends.