Hair Care Tips In Summer


It is common saying “to whiten the hairs in sunshine “. There might be some truth in it that the heat of summer destroys the texture of hairs. So there must be special care should be taken in summer otherwise the split ends fizzy hair and hair fall are the common problems of dry hair aggravated in summer. So following measures should be taken in summer.

  1. Try to go outside with covering your heads with hats or something else.
  2. Keep your hairs to be tied properly because the fizzy hairs are getting to be more exposed to pollution and heat waves.
  3. The short hairs are most easy to maintain in summer and you can enjoy the summer easily with short hairs.
  4. While come back to home after exposure to sun heat try to do deep cleansing with deep conditioner to protect the hairs from damage.
  5. If the hair have split ends and damaged then try to trim the hair regularly after the month or more or less so that the growth of hairs should be healthy.
  6. There are some hair sprays or conditioners and shampoo which have a silicon  peroxide contents in them they coat the hair texture for the time they are used and  hairs look shiny but afterward when coating removed the texture of hairs is more disturbed then before so try to avoid such contents in hair care products.
  7. Massaging of the hair regularly with some organic oil is very beneficial usually jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, may be used for hair massage and it will surely add glow to the dry hairs if done on regular basis.
  8. For massaging always use Luke warm oil because it will stimulate hair follicles for healthy hair growth and oil secreting glands are activated.
  9. The dry hair have  outer layer with protein deficient so  it is better to apply the egg white on these hairs  two hours before washing and then rinsed with  normal running water., hot water is not used it will take the moisture away and make them more dry.

Beside above mentioned tips it is important to take diet rich in proteins water contents and vitamins to maintain.