Hair Care Tips & Long Hair Care Tips


Hair Care Tips | Long Hair Care TipsHair Care Tips- Hair is the features of the body that enhance the beauty of our personality. Due to this reason these feature also demands as much care that of skin care. The hair strand has texture which needs the care both by hygiene as well as by cosmetology. The hair care varies from person to person depending upon the hair type and different processes that are applied on hair.

Hair care not only involve the external hair care because the actual hair follicles lie under the skin, and the hair shaft emerges from the skin. So if there is any change and damage in the hair shaft there is the need of care of biological factors which control the hair follicles and their activity. So the following tips should be kept in mind in case of hair care:


The diet needed for hair care is that which the main constituent of the hair texture is. The proteins, calcium, iron make the healthy growth of the hairs. The vitamins are the organic catalysts that enhance and stimulate the growth process of hairs. The vitamins needed for hair growth are vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, regular in take of these vitamins strengthen the hair growth to great extent. This vitamin also prevents the hair fall and also conceals the bad hair days. Beside all this some minerals are also needed for hair growth. These are selenium, and zinc. These are obtained from eggs, grains and cereals and from nuts. These give the shiny look to the hair.

Hair Care Tips & Long Hair Care Tips


We are living in the age of industry and pollution. Both these are added to our body in each second. These accumulate in the body as well as outside body as on skin and scalp. These   should be removed continuously and instantly as they received. So these are cleaned with mild cleansers and with soaps and shampoos.

Hair Care Tips & Long Hair Care Tips


To comb the hair is the good habit. It will improve the blood circulation to the scalp. It massage the hair tissues and growth of the hair improved .For combing the hair brush or comb to be used is with wide bristles that the tangles are removed  without damage .Moreover the hair should be combed or brushed when they are completely dry . Otherwise their roots get weakened and cause the fall of hair.

Hair Care Tips & Long Hair Care Tips


The hair trimming is also important for the removal of the split ends. Hair cut though reduces their length but make them stronger. Otherwise the split ends grow to upwards and then there is thinning and loss of hair ultimately.

Hair Care Tips & Long Hair Care Tips


The hair style counts much for the health of the hair.  If you form braids then you weaken the hair roots. Braided hair accumulates the dirt and sweat and cause the infection.