Hair Care Tips


As the summer season has set in all over the globe and specifically speaking all over Pakistan.  No matter which type texture and health of hair you have it may be fine thick  long, short, natural smooth or wavy; summer season is the worst for hair. The hot temperatures (hotter than drier), coupled with humidity direct light of sun is going to negative effect your hair.

Here are some basic tips, through which you can prevent your hair damaging unnecessarily from summer weather effects;

Use Appropriate Shampoo;

  • Normally the shampoos which we use in routine does not permit oily contents to remain in the hair rather blocks them and gives a drier look whereas in summer you need some natural moisturizers or conditioners that keep hair gently finished.

Avoid Chemicals;

  • During summer the hair are more prone to dryness so to keep them moisturized avoid using chemicals such as bleach creams hair coolers or chemical straighter. Use natural ingredient oils which should not have chemicals in them.

Avoid Heating Accessories;

  • Avoid using hair dryers or straighter since these further reduce the moisture from the hair and supplements problems in terms of reduction of shine and health of hair.

Regular cleaning of Hair;

  • Since in summer the dirt and dust stuck up mixed with perspiration, therefore regular washing of hair using appropriate shampoo is very necessary.

Cover your Head;

  • Since the sun rays are very damaging for your hair so best way is to keep it covered using some hat veil or as appropriate in your society. You may use an umbrella if required.

Remain Hydrated;

  • Take plenty of water since it keeps hydration level of your whole body up to the required mark. This also indirectly results in keeping your hair healthy and shinny.

Natural Means of Moisturizing;

  • Use egg, yogurt and lemon scalp or may be Amla Oil on your hair as natural means of moisturizing. You may apply henna mixed with lemon juice on the weekends and let the effect stay on the hair for 2-3 hours.

Avoid Blow Dying;

  • Try to avoid the blowers for drying of hair and if its very much necessary, better use them on lowest settings. Blower drying of hair damages the hair very rapidly.
  • Avoid tight ponytails or the hair styles in which your hair remain stretched for longer times.
  • Before going to sleep tie up your hair properly (especially if you have long hair) and if you intend taking bath in the morning must apply some oil on hair.