Hair Care With Ramadan


Hair Care With RamadanWhen we fast for Allah and when we don’t eat enough food then we start losing the shine and beauty of our look like we start losing the shine of our skin, lips, eyes and hair, although we feel very good in the month of Ramadan, which means we need to look for some other ways to get our hair and skin look beautiful and stay beautiful in the month of fasting and we are here to help you get beautiful and smooth shiny hair externally when we don’t have enough mineral intake to get beautiful hair inside out.

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Almonds: – Almonds are very good and healthy nut to get beautiful and shiny hair as they are loaded with Vitamin E and you just need to eat a hand full in suhoor or iftar to get the healthy benefits of this sweet yummy nut and if you cannot eat it or you don’t like it to eat then you can use it to apply that over your hair and this will not only help you get shiny and smooth hair, but you will get a very strong and healthy shield against UV rays from the sun and for best results you just need to dip few like 11-19 in water and eat them in suhoor or iftar.

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Apple: – we all know that one apple keep a doc away and this is a very best option to start your day with, but if you have to pick in suhoor or iftar then you should eat it in iftar and you can sue a apple make for your hair too and for that you just need to take one apple and make a smooth past of it with masher and add some fresh milk or some olive oil in it and then rub it over your scalp and wash it off with rubbing water after 30-60 minutes, you should eat healthy and natural during the suhoor or iftar and then here are some simple tips that you can use for beautiful hair in Ramadan…
Apply yogurt and mustard oil mask in your hair 4 times a week and you will get smooth and nourished hair.Hair Care With Ramadan-

Apply deep conditioning, wash your hair and apply conditioner and let it on your hair for whole day and then wash it off in evening to get beautiful hair.

Oiling is best thing that you can do to get smooth hair.

Mix one egg and one lime in a blender and run it for a while and then apply that over your hair, you have to stay inside when you apply that as this is very harmful if it get in the contact of sun and then wash it off with running water and mild shampoo…
Best of luck πŸ™‚