New Hair Color Ideas 2018 For Women


New Hair Color Ideas 2018 For Women; To color the hair is now a popular trend among all age of women and men. The coloring products available in market are of different brands and are of different nature. They may be of the range from henna to artificial colors. Some are permanent and some are semi permanent.New Hair Color Ideas 2018 For Women

New Hair Color Ideas 2018

The semi permanent hair colors are usually without ammonia or peroxide. To make your personality in different dimensions there is the need to change your looks. It may be done by changing the color of your hair but to bring the change it is not necessary to run toward the hair saloons, this change can be brought by yourself in home to save the money and time by applying the following hair color tips in effective way:New Hair Color Ideas 2018

  1. First to clean your hair by shampooing, so that to avoid any damage or any unnecessary reaction with dirt to hair chemical to the roots of the hairs. Then apply the hair conditioner to the hairs and allow hem to stay in this condition for 12 to 14 hours so that the scalp oil re settle in the roots and to protect them from any damage.
  2. Take some older clothes to change for the dye and took older towels and mirror coloring brushes and the hair color mixing bowls and gloves to cover your hands.New Hair Color Ideas 2018
  3. Read the instruction and precautions before coloring at the coloring product carefully, as time of setting hair color, how to perform skin test and strand test to apply the color on the hairs.
  4. Do all the coloring and skin test to prevent any undesired reaction.
  5. Now divide the hairs in to different sections for better application.
  6. Put on your gloves and start to apply the hair color first at the crown or at the nape of the head.
  7. The roots of the hairs are covered care fully and the skin is to be protected as much as possible. The ends of the hairs are recoloring because they loose the color more rapidly due to their porous nature allow staying the color according to the instructions.
  8. Then rinse the hairs with clear and Luke warm water and conditioned according to the compatibility of hairs.New Hair Color Ideas 2018


  • The hair color is used at the dry hairs so that it can hold the hairs.
  • The grey hairs are given the darker tone to the rest of the hairs because they loose their color rapidly and to get the same tone at the entire hairs.
  • Not to apply the color frequently, it will disturb the natural texture of the hairs.
  • Use the shampoos and conditioners which are specific for dying hairs.

New Hair Color Ideas 2018 New Hair Color Ideas 2018 New Hair Color Ideas 2018 New Hair Color Ideas 2018New Hair Color Ideas 2018 New Hair Color Ideas 2018