Hair Coloring Tips


Hair Coloring TipsHair Coloring Tips – Since 1909, hair colors have been invented, and are in use till to date. Today every 3rd lady colors her hair. The hair color is not only to avoid old age effects, rather, changing color from brown to blonde or even from black to blonde is in fashion now a days. Since centuries, women are interested in coloring her hair, using various minerals, plants and oils extracted from different plants.

  • Hair is made up of proteins and nutrients, which our finger nails does have. The natural color of hair depends upon the ratio of proteins, of which these are made up of i.e. emplaning and paeomelanin. First one is cause of brown to black where as later causes blonde or red colors.
  • Natural colors are also available in the market; however, the choice is at times very limited, in the form of Henna or Walnut shells. There are few chemicals which naturally exist but very dangerous for hair texture line vinegar etc.
  • Hair coloring can also be done temporarily or permanent depending upon the product which has been applied on hair. Ladies normally go for temporary coloring so that with changing fashion, they can change the color and get a new look.
  • Before selection of hair style, definitely the color of hair does matter. At times good hair saloons, ask for the hair color first and later on go for the hair style suitable for facial features as well as with hair color.
  • Hair coloring is a sensitive job and at times may become disastrous for the lady, if not handled with care. Going from dark brown to blond hair is a difficult phenomenon and must not be tried at home.
  • Once you are going for purchase of hair color, the deceiving picture or color mentioned on its box might not be the exact one inside. I would suggest you to go by the color swatches and the descriptions placed inside the box.
  • Another important thing to know about your is that whether you are “warm”or“cool”. If you have golden, olive or dark skin and dark colored eyes just like Asians, you are warm. If you have fair skin with blue eyes, you are cool. Warm ones tan more comfortably whereas cool burn before tan. This seems to be a difficult phenomenon, but I think you must not be more worried if you are going to good hair saloon, they would handle you accordingly, but you must know the fact about yourself.
  • If you have gone for two shades which were either lighter or more dark than your natural color you might get trapped into a horrible state. You need to consult some good hair saloon now and I would suggest you not to try it anymore by yourself leave it as bad job done.
  • Although hair coloring can comfortably be done at home, but there are few circumstances, when you must approach some professional. Home hair coloring can be good for couple shades lighter or darker or to disguise gray. Complex issues should preferably be referred to professionals. If it’s a new base color and highlights you’re after, go to a professional.
  • Before coloring, get a few strands of your hair from some place which is not very prominent, try the color there and then go for complete hair color, if it suits you.
  • If you already have color hair, and new hair is coming up without same color due to growth, I would recommend you to go for coloring of roots, instead of overdoing it with the ends also.

Colored hairs must not be washed to frequently, rather once in two days should be more than enough.