Hair Growth Home Remedies

Hair Growth Home Remedies
Hair Growth Home Remedies

Beautiful and healthy hair enhances your beauty. In contract rough and dull hair make you look unattractive. You can make your hair look healthy and shiny and promote their growth by using home remedies.

Some effective home remedies are giving below:

  • Massage of lemon juice into your scalp for 10-20 minutes can clear off dandruff from your hair.
  • Mix rosemary with olive oil and give its gentle massage to your scalp to can stimulate hair growth.
  • Olive oil makes your hair strong and healthy. Massage olive oil into your hair and scalp 45 minutes before washing.
  • If the texture of your hair is oily then make sure using warm water to wash your hair. It will wash off the excess oil and will make your hair look shiny.
  • If your hair is dry then you should use lukewarm or cold water to wash them.
  • Avoid using hot water for washing your hair. It will weaken your hair.
  • Massage grape seed oil over your scalp every night before bedtime. It will enhance your hair growth to a remarkable extant.
  • Another tip for promoting hair growth is to massage a munificent amount of onion juice into your hair and scalp and wash it off after two to four hours. Follow this tip only once in a week.
  • Trim your hair on regular basis every 8 to 10 weeks.

By following these tips you will definitely notice improvement in your hair condition and their growth.