Hair Loss In Women Causes


Hair loss is the miserable condition which is faced by the one who suffers from it. It is usually the common problem among man. But due to certain factors it is not uncommon among woman, before to find out the preventions of hair loss in women it is pretty good to find the causes of hair loss.


  • 50 to 100 falls of hair strands daily is not the unusual thing to be worried but above this is the matter of consideration. Usually the hair grows in three phases. The hair in anagen phase is in growth phase. They are actively growing. While the hairs in catagen are in slow growth, these are to be in damaging or breakdown phase. The third phases hairs are in resting phase.10% hairs on scalp remain in this phase. These are the hair which usually shed on daily. In women normally after thirty to forty the hairs under go thinning and the reduction of volume of hair is seen. So the age factor may be the cause of hair thinning and hair loss.
  • The other reason which is common is genetic factor, some have inherited thin hair.

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  • The hormonal disturbances also cause the hair loss and hair thinning. As seen in puberty, pregnancy and in menopause there is hormonal fluctuation is seen.
  • Deficiency of certain vitamins in the diet may also cause the hair loss and hair thinning.
  • The continuous stress is also an important factor in hair loss.
  • Certain diseases as thyroid and anemia may cause the hair loss while in other cases as cancer the medication as chemo therapy cause the reversible hair loss.

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  • Massage the scalps with some essential organic oil plays the key role in stimulating the hair follicles and hair growth. It will also increase the blood flow to the scalp and in this way the follicle can do work the diet:
  • The diet consists of vitamin E and vitamin A, C, will effect the hair growth.
  • Application of some herbs, there are certain herbs as aloe Vera gel, rosemary, sage; henna when applied in hairs they stimulate the growth of hairs.

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Proteins nutrient for hairs:

By applying such nutrients in hairs which have excess amount of proteins strengthen the hair strands. The egg as whole or egg white is full of proteins and when applied on hairs give strength to the hair strands.