Hair Oil Treatments For Beautiful Hair


Home remedies are the best, God created us with nature an then he put some helpful ingredients in some natural things to cure our natural body, like he made oils for hair and body and herbs for body and skin, we just need to find the best oil and the way we use it in regard of our own personal individual problems, there are hundreds of miraculous oils in this planet and each has some marvelous qualities and impacts so let’s talk what can help your hair and in which way.

Once I met a girl who once had all kind of issues with hair, thinning, dandruff, hair fall and fainted color of hair, and now she was looking so good with hip long hair and healthy shiny texture and she was a well blended mixture of sesame, olive, coconut, almond and castor oils and then add amla-reetha-shikakai powder and fenugreek powder and mix it and now add one glass of water and cook it till you see that now all the water has gone and now it is just oil keep it and use it 4 times a week and if you have time and you actually can do that then live it as long as possible and I tried it and it actually worked for me too.

Hair Oil Treatments For Beautiful Hair

So you can try this and if you are living in any Asian country then it is easy to get all the ingredients, but if you are not then you got to get in Asian market and they will have everything you need and results will be start coming out in a month of time.

You can get hot oil treatment too for growing hair faster and for improving the texture too, massage your hair and scalp with worm oil and massage with small circles and use pores of your hands never use nails or palm of your hands, massage for a longer time of period and then comb your hair and then cover all your head and hair with worm wet cotton towel and you got to change your towel with another worm towel three to four times when you feel it is getting cold and at the end keep one worm over your hair and keep it for 15-20 minutes and then remove and start massage once again and massage for just 5-10 minutes and then comb your hair again, you got to get this treatment every time you wash your hair and you will see the difference really soon.