Hair Prevention For Hair Health and Texture of Hairs


Hairs are the most important part of our beauty. They play the key role in bringing the self esteem and confidence in our personality, basically the hair is made up of protein and keratin with hair color pigment. The hairs have the blood supply and sense or reflexes which end up to hair follicles. The hair follicles are the seat of health and texture of hairs.  The healthy hairs have good luster and are shiny in look.

For the protection and care of hairs the following tips should be kept in mind:

  • Hair wash is the issue which can not be neglected in any ways. The proper selection of hair shampoo and hair conditioner is the main things to be used frequently but be careful in their selection and in their use the shampoo how much it is compatible to your hairs it might be used only twice in week and the hair conditioner is used thrice in a week and the deep conditioning is done once in month.

Hair Prevention, Hair Health, Texture of Hairs

  • The shower with fluoridated water is not to be used.
  • While swimming the chlorinated water is avoided as much as possible.
  • Combing or brushing should be done not vigorously by using the proper technique and of course not to be used the combs and brushes made up of plastics or metallic materials. It damages the hairs by electrostatic forces.
  • While using the hair dyes and hair coloring products not to use harsh chemicals in them.

Hair Prevention, Hair Health, Texture of Hairs-

  • Avoid the hot rollers or hot iron items for hair styling, these will week the hair roots and cause the baldness.
  • Not to comb or brush in wet hairs, allow them to dry by normal air and temperature.
  • Avoid the hair styles in which the original position of hairs is disturbed much.
  • Avoid foods which have excess copper and salt contents because both these cause the baldness and hair texture is disturbed.
  • Do proper massaging with natural organic oils twice in a week to stimulate the hair follicles in a perfect way.

Hairs are the reflection of your entire health and personality so keep them in good conditions by proper care.