How To Apply Hair Removal Methods To Have Soft Glowing Skin


The hair removal methods cause the irritation to the beauty and the smooth slimy skin is the desire of every one. Hair removal methods from the ancient times the feminine look is incomplete if it has the flaw of hairs on the skin. With the passage of time and with the exposure of the opposite gender it become necessary to have the skin soft to touch and have the glowing beauty. For this purpose different methods have been adopted to remove the hairs from the skin. Waxing is the common one amongst them.

Hair Removal Methods

Like other methods it has some pros and cons as follows Hair Removal Methods:

It is available with different contents as honey wax or lemon wax or in different texture as hot wax or the liquid or cold wax. Whatever the texture and the composition of the wax it is applied on the skin of desired portion and on the hairs in the direction of the hair growth and then allowed to stick with the surface. Hair removal methods after this the hairs are pulled by using the cloth or paper strips, tape strips by pasting at the part where it is used.

Hair Removal Methods


  1. By the use of wax we can cover the large area of hairs in one time, in this way it saves the time as compared to the tweezers. Due to this fact it is mostly used for legs and arms but for facial hairs it also works.
  2. It uproots the hairs from their follicles and in this way they take more time in re growing.
  3. By repeated application of the wax makes the roots of the hairs week and they grow thinner and thinner with the passage of time.
  4. This hair removal methods can be used by yourself with privacy in your room.

Hair Removal Methods-01


  1. This method is used when you are good at it. Because there is the need of application of wax at the direction of the hairs otherwise opposite to this cause the growth of hairs inside the skin and not to come out to be plucked again.
  2. It is painful to brings the hairs out of the skin by strongly stretching so the individuals with little tendency to bear the pain have trouble in its use hair removal methods.
  3. Sometimes the skin get irritated with this method and skin damaged.

As the frequent used there is green shading appears on the skin which gives the ugly look.