5 Tips Regarding Hair Removal


hair removal home remedies,hair removal cream,hair removal productsHair removal is something we all have to deal with, and there are several ways to go about it including shave, wax, tweeze or laser and there are so many lotions are available in the market that you can use which is the least famous ways to do that cause they not only burn off the most top layer of the skin, but it is the most temporary way to do that cause in that we just smoothly remove the hair that are out of the skin and very next day, we start seeing the new grown hair once again, which is very unpractical for the life we are living now days.
Whatever way you choose, here are a few tips that can make the process easier and smoother for you.
1- Keep an eye on your blade cause if you have decided that you are going to shave your skin with the blades then that is something that you would do three times a week, at least, which means you cannot deny the importance of right kind of blade, it would make you skin feel and look dry so you need to use perfect kind of gel with that and if you are not using the perfect one then it might give your skin rash and harsh cuts, consider the blade count while choosing your shaving blade, I would say the three-bladed razors are the best, although you can get razors with five blades too, but always keep the kind of your skin in mind when you go to buy the right kind of applicator, if you are using the shaving gel then it is very good always apply that on your wet skin and let your skin absorb the moisturizer for a while and then work on it and always exfoliate later on, but if you still feel that your skin get dry after the shaving then you can use any baby oil on your skin after the bath and it will actually help your skin too, never forget the exfoliation though.

2- If you have decided that you are going to use wax for that then let me tell you one thing that there are so many kinds of wax, you have to be very careful when you pick the wax for your delicate skin, hot wax is better than regular one if you want to get perfect finish though, if you are going to pick something new for the very first time then I would say that you should consult a professional before you purchase a wax of particular kind or flavor and if you have never tried wax on your skin then get to solons to do that cause it could be a horrible mistake to try wax on your body without any experience, and as I told you earlier, don’t forget to exfoliate after wax and apply some kind of moisturizer too.

3- If you have been using the lotions and crams to clean your skin then I can bet that you would have some darker skin patches and you can get rid of these by exfoliation, Scrub your skin daily with anybody scrubber and if you are not sure which one is perfect then take a tablespoon of sugar powder, one tea spoon of almond powder and one tablespoon Castor oil and rub over your body very smoothly for 10 minutes each part and then take a worm shower, although Castor oil is very good for your skin, but if you don’t feel comfortable then you can use any essential oil in that mask and if you want to reduce the growth of these hair then start using alum powder on your skin every day, especially after removing hair, it will not only decrees the growth of these hair, but it will help your skin to get fairer and smoother.
4- Do not wax again and again on the same part of your skin, if you don’t get satisfactory result on first go then apply some talcum powder on your skin and then apply the procedure and then let it go and you can give it a try after couple of days.
5- Always follow the direction, they are making it and they know the product better, so when you buy something, make sure the printing is readable.
Best of luck.