Have A Nice Smile


People seldom notice your old clothes if you have big nice smile on your face. It is an inexpensive way to change your looks.  More over it is said that it is a small curve that makes many things straight. A smile brings 19 variations on your face and 16 in these are related to your enjoyable emotions.  Smile is incredibly important part in our life.  By a good smile you can change your bad day to good day. You can get a good business deal, many attentive looks, or to get many good friends. It’s a fun and a best of all activity. Perfect smile is your beauty booster and enhance the gorgeous look. Here are some tips for beautiful nice smile with pearl like teeth.

  • After brush your teeth show nice smile after every meal or at lest two-time a day. Make your teeth free from bacteria and also free from cavities. Not only has this but also tried to make your teeth sparkling by using teeth shiner. If there is any discoloration of teeth it should not be ignored, just go to your dentist and demand for healthy white and shinning teeth. It’s actually a matter of personal hygienic.
  • If your tongue has any coating white or yellowish make tongue scrapper to remove this without damaging the tongue. Because this coating provides a space for bacterial growth.  And it will create an ugly look as well as create smell in your mouth so cleans it with toothbrush. Use some mouthwash for removal of bacteria’s created inside the mouth cavity.
  • It is said use of some seaweed also eliminate the bacteria from mouth and give strength to the teeth.nice smile,
  • The gums also be in proper form if thy recedes it will also give ugly smile, use some such tooth paste which will improves the blood circulation of gums. For this a special brush may be used or simple fingers are also used to do massage on gums
  • Double chin is also drastically looks bad while nice smile. So to eliminate this factor you make a practice of kissing some lovely object. In this way it gets reduced.
  • While you smile your 34 muscles are in function. All these work to increase the beauty of your face.
  • Your lip of course most visible feature while you smiling so the application of beautiful lipstick enhance the beauty of your nice smile if the lipstick of pink shade or red. Shade and shiny have glossy touch it will definitely make your smile effective and your teeth look whiter inside these shades.
  • Make your nice smile genuine. Be sincere in your feeling and think of playful time and feel love in your heart so that there is no artificiality in your smile.

While you nice smile heartily it will give sparkling in your eyes and all these give the combined effect in your radiant beauty.