Have Beautiful Feet In Summer


Have Beautiful Feet In SummerSummer is a yummy but very harsh season and it kills all the beauty of your face, skin and your body and it can kill the fairness of your face and dry out your hands and feet and if you need to get beautiful and soft feet in summer then try these tips and you will love the result.

Here are some simple tips for you

You need to sit down and wash your feet with soap, brush and lave stone every day and use a good fragrant soap for that and change your lava stone every month no matter how fresh and how perfect it look, doing over use it cause then it will be very harmful for your feet.

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline thirty minute before you going to take bath and let the water run over it and the wash it thoroughly, don’t ignore your heels and your ankle and if you have long nails then make sure you are using a good nail brush to clean off your nails too and let me tell you one thing if you forget your toe nails once they will get dry 10 times and then you would spend hours to clean it.

When you wash your feet clean it with a separate towel and then apply some moisturizer and if you have any old skin tone lotion that you no longer use then you can rub it over your feet and that will kill the germs that make your feet smelly.

Moisturize your feet daily to ensure that they are soft and supple, or you can use a mixture of rose water, lime and glycerin, and if you feel that your feet are getting a bit dark and they are getting scars of every kind then you can use a foot mask and you just need to mix one tablespoon gram flour with one teaspoon turmeric and mix it with either yogurt or cucumber juice and apply that and then after 30 minutes, rub it off and u need to do this every other day. Scrub off all the dirt and tan with a mixture or sugar and lime.

Enjoy A Beautiful Summer πŸ™‚