Healthy Hair | Hot Oil Treatments


healthy-hair-hot-oil-treatmentsHealthy Hair | Hot Oil Treatments – Hair makes our personality gorgeous. No matter that hair will be long and beautifully styled; there is just the need of healthy shiny hair which is attractive in any color and style. But unluckily only few are blessed with these healthy, shiny attractive hairs, those who are blessed with it, can’t possess them throughout in life. Now there is the need of continuous care and treatment to get and maintain the healthy shiny hair. One way to get the healthy hair is to do hot oil treatment to the hair.


  1. It penetrates in the hair follicles and brings moisture back in the dry frizzy hair.
  2. It will improve the blood circulation toward the scalp and nourishes the weekend hair.
  3. It will bring back the hydrated content of hair by locking the moisture in hair shaft.
  4. It will recover the split and damaged ends of hair.


It is very easy process, with requirements of only few things as

  1. Oil which is suitable according to hair texture.
  2. Bowl which can stay in the microwave.
  3. microwave
  4. Cling wrap
  5. Hair clip

The oil is put in to the bowl and heated to the bearable temperature. Then shampoo your hair and allow them to dry. When they get dried sectioned them in four portions with hair clips. Now apply the oil in   the roots of the hair and at the tips of the hair. The tips are well moisturized because they get least nourishment and dry easily. Saturate all hair with the oil. Now wrap the head with shower cap or plastic cap. Leave it at least for 30 minutes to absorb the oil in hair strands. Then shampoo again with Luke warm water. This procedure should be repeated first after a weak then after 15 days to get the best results.


  • Coconut oil; it is used to recover the frizzy hair, dry hair dandruff in hair.
  • Emu oil: it is used for hair loss, regrowth of hair, alopecia, hair fall due to tight braids, pony tails.
  • Jojoba oil: it is best for dry, itchy scalp with damaged hair. It is like the sebum secreted from the scalp glands
  • Castor oil: it is useful for curly dry hairs of African, American women.