Healthy Nails Tips


Women normally believe that beautification and maintaining healthy growth of nails is a cumbersome job. I also believe it is, but there are very common practices, which if adopted, shall help in healthy growth of nails and would not require much of efforts also. Healthy nails are commensurate to healthy diets and over all health of human body. You would also come across few practitioners, who would just see your nails, before examining your overall health, as it is said that the nails are indicators of loss or excess of certain vitamins, like Vitamin C, Calcium or Proteins. Following are the few care tips for nails, and shall assist in healthy growth of nails.

  • Ensure taking multiple fruits and vegetables, since these provide all necessary vitamins and minerals which are required for growth of nails. Some people also believe that taking vitamins in the form of pills would also suffice, but I would suggest that instead of taking pills, they should concentrate on diet containing vitamins and minerals as mentioned above.nail art designs
  • Increase amount of calcium in your diet, like taking milk is best source of it. The calcium provides strength to your nails and avoids white marks on them.

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  • Increased protein diets like eggs and fish etc reduces the white circles around nails, which are indication of lack of protein in the body.
  • If you feel that nails are gone so week that they started splitting, it’s a clear indicator of lack of Hydrochloric acid and salt is the best source to increase it, but make sure it should not damage your health if your hypertensive or kidney problem carrier.


  • Lack of liquid in the body or dehydration causes cuts in the nails.
  • Before going to bed, once you take face wash, apply moisturizer to your hands and thus on your nails also, this keeps them moisturized and healthy. Try to use the non-alcoholic creams or lotions for nails.
  • Another way of keeping them moisturized is that dips your hand in olive oil and keeps it there for some time. This practice may be done at least twice a week. Additional oil may be removed with towel or cloth.
  • Use proper nail cutters and after cutting nails smoothen the edges through filer, less these get stuck with some cloth and get damaged. For sensitive nails you may use 4 sided buffers if you want to produce shine in nails.

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  • Whenever you are applying nail polish, make sure it should be chemical free, and after you remove it, must apply oil or moisturizer on the nails.
  • Take plenty of water, minimum 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Taking care of nails was important in the past as well, but now the need of time has increased, when everyone is beauty conscious. You need to care your nails to keep them healthy, filed, cleaned, moisturized that should give a look of a well groomed person.