Helen Flanagan Attends Spectacle Awards In Stunning Glittering Dress


It was an amazing and wonderful event where everyone was with the glasses and feeling they have wear nothing as nobody was get noticed due to her spectacle. It was a Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012 awards ceremony which was held in the Batter sea Power Station on Tuesday night. It made every one quite proud to express that yes I use to wear glasses in my routine as my eye sight is weak. Helen Flanagan made every one stunned by her dual aspects as she was wearing a glasses and a marvelous dress which was exposing her womanly curve without any barrier.

22-year old Helen Flanagan is an English actress and model best known for playing Rosie Webster in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. And now she has made appearance on the black carpet of the Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012 awards ceremony. She was wearing spectacles in the purple color and looking very cool even in the spectacles get up. The event aims to prove that spectacle wearers can be sexy and Helen Flanagan definitely rose to the challenge. She was showing off a clear image of her cleavage through her glittering green dress.

The complete personality of the Helen Flanagan featuring with the body fitted floor length dress and which is designed by Nadine Mesabi, a couple of rings in her right hand and a single ring in the left hand, she made her hair tied in rough style with blonde color, red colored hue and snakeskin print gold clutch bag. One thing was also very clear which also be called as the accessory or fashion stuff that is a tattoo on her left arm.
Well there are a lot of the other stars from the showbiz industry which were here in the party just because of their spectacles but Helen Flanagan was looking more than any one else.