Helpful Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Tan


Helpful Tips for a Perfect Outdoor TanA tanned skin always looks desirable. However, the beauty and charm lasts as long as the tan is even, smooth and healthy. Unhealthy tanning attained through prolonged sun exposure at time result in sunburns and sun-damaged complexion. So, it’s very important to get easy on outdoor tans as you won’t want to end up looking like roasted meat. Here are given some helpful tips on how to achieve the perfect tan. Check out!

Get tan in right hours

Skin experts and medical professionals always advise you to avoid sun exposure when the harmful UV rays are most intense. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid getting tan in between 10am-4pm. Early morning hours are the ideal time for tanning.

Avoid winter sun

Sunrays happen to be extremely sharp during the cold weather months. So, although it is very tempting to bask under the sun during winter but the shaper rays can do more harm than good. Moreover, thanks to the pollution and thinning ozone layer, the risks are multiplied by many folds these days as the weakened allows the harmful sunrays to hit the earth directly, thud inflicting severe damage to human skin.

Protect your skin

Sun-screening is imperative even you’re getting tan. Sunscreen or any other product having SPF in it keeps the sun rays from wreaking havoc on your skin. It prevents sun burns. The tanning process however slows down because of sunscreen, but it’s quite acceptable anyway! So, make sure to wear sunscreen almost half an hour before you get exposed to the sun and keep on reapplying it if your stay in the sun extends.

Don’t wear dark cloths while tanning

It is advisable not to wear dark clothes while going in for tan. This is because, the dark shades have the prepotency to absorb more heat and thus don’t let you get an even tan. Sporting light-shaded outfits and keeping your body sufficiently covered is the right way to get tan, without any risks of developing sunburns.


Excess sun exposure strips your skin of essential moisture, leaving it dry and dehydrated. Therefore, post-tan skin moisturization is a crucial step of a healthier tan. Also make it a point to take shower before exposing yourself to sun. When your body will be dirt free and absolutely clean, you’ll get perfect tan in shorter span of time.