Helpful Tips on How to Use Airbrush Makeup


Helpful Tips on How to Use Airbrush MakeupAirbrush makeup might be a bit time-taking but the results it delivers are incredibly immaculate. The pristinely smooth and even complexion airbrush makeup offers makes you feel as if you’ve got a whole new layer of skin. Initially the airbrush makeup kit was available just for the pros, but today it is available for personal use too. Here are some helpful airbrush application tips for you to get hang of the technique. Check out the tips.

Use Airbrush Makeup

Priming the Face

Just like regular makeup, the first and foremost step in the airbrush makeup is also prepping the face. For this, you can use a primer. It will even out your coloring and provide your makeup a sticky surface to adhere with and thus contribute to make your makeup lasting. Also apply concealer if you’re dealing with some skin flaws like scars and blemishes etc.

Foundation Application

An airbrush is a sort of spray gun which functions on the principle of air compression. Put a little amount of foundation product into the gun; position it almost five inches off your face and begin misting the product over moving the gun in a circular manner. Make sure not to concentrate on a single are for too long or you’ll end up with a blotchy look. Be careful while covering the delicate eye area, especially if you’re not adept at moving the gun.

Blusher Application

As you do with regular makeup, brighten up your cheeks with an apt blusher. Insert some drops of your blusher in the gun and spray it over your cheeks all the way up to the temples evenly. Don’t overdo as you won’t want to end up looking like a doll.

Eyeshadow Application

Pick off a lighter, base color to paint your eyelid up-to the brow bone. Mist the color evenly allover. Then fill your gun with a darker shade and spray it onto the outer portion of your eyes including the eye-fold. Also use a highlighter shadow if you want.

Moisturizer Application

Finish off your makeup with moisturizer to give it a bit shinier look.