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Hide Your Skin Flaws Using a Concealer

Hide Your Skin Flaws Using a ConcealerFemales wear makeup to accentuate their beautiful features and diminish the flaws. Some girls have large blemishes and scars on their facial skin; they consider it impossible to attain a flawless complexion by makeup. If you also are one of them, don’t worry…. Just read following tips and tricks to hide your skin flaws using concealer.

Concealer is an important constituent of makeup products. It is typically used to diminish dark skin blemishes, scars and under-eye circles. Concealer not only gives your skin a perfect base for any kind of makeup but it also provides a better coverage than foundation. Due to its less transparency, the concealer is having ability to cover-up the dark and large blemishes.

You can hide the unattractive scars, spots and blemishes by applying just a single layer of concealer. All you need to do is keeping the skin tone and needs in mind while purchasing a concealer. Here are few more tips and tricks on how to hide skin flaws using a concealer.

Tips to Use a Concealer

Before starting with the makeup application, it is necessary to wash and dry your skin thoroughly. An antibacterial cleanser is best for this purpose as it will remove the microbes from the facial skin in addition to taking away the dirt and excess oil.

After cleansing your face properly, moisturize it using an oil-free moisturizing lotion or cream. This step becomes more crucial if you have dry skin.

The next is applying a concealer over the scars, blemishes and acne. If the scars and acne have reddish tone, use a green concealer. But using a yellow concealer would be a best decision if the scars have purple look.

To hide the scars and blemishes properly, dab a little quantity of concealer over them and leave untouched for one minute. Then, blend it carefully using your fingertips.

Wait for 3-4 minutes for applying foundation. While applying foundation, avoid rubbing face too much because this will wipe off the concealer.

Now give your face a finishing-look by applying lose translucent powder. This powder can be apllied with the help of a large brush. The application of translucent powder is necessary for setting the concealer as well as preventing the foundation and concealer to smudge with the makeup.

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