Home Cleanse


Cleanliness is done of home though done on daily basis to some extent. In this busy life style we have a lot of activities and fun to do as well as have to maintain our looks. So it will get sometimes to difficult to manage all-in only 24 hours of the day. So we need all works to be done instantaneously.

There are some tips to make our cleansing in short time;

  • First pay attention to those places which are more commonly used as common rooms. These rooms have lots of things to be scattered here and there s news papers, cushions and garbage of children toys ad stationary. So first to make suitable and color baskets and for different items as for news papers and magazines and put all of them in it. The things which you think are not to be used and recycled should be thrown.
  • The floors of all rooms should be carpeted or with such rugs which are easily swept either by vacuum or manually.
  • The kitchen fridge is also to be cleaned after week to avoid any bad odor. The kitchen shelves must be netted after every use so that anything not to be gets stick with them and afterward take more of your time for cleansing.
  • The bathrooms have tooth pastes and toothbrushes holdings with lot of stains in it so when you are cleansing your different rooms given the spray to bathrooms tubs and wash basins with bleaching liquids so that the stains are to be removed in between time and when you come to them they are just to be washed with water or anything else and you not have to wait for stain removal.
  • While going to your bed room just first gathers the clothes which are scattered and keep them in proper cupboards. Then the shoes must be at their proper place. Follow the rule of one thing in and one thing out so that unnecessary accumulations of things have to be avoided and there remain a difference between bed room and store room and the cleaning work done easily.

So make your home suitable place for living by instant cleansing.