Home-Made Facials For Acne Prone Skin


Home-Made Facials For Acne Prone SkinIf you are tired of using ineffective products for your acne prone skin then here are some really simple and easy homemade masks for you
The best mask is plain yogurt as a cleanser, it is very good for cleaning your skin, because it is full with lactic acid and it can breaks down dirt and bacteria on the skin and can keep your skin healthy and neat and helps it getting healthy shin too, Massage a plain yogurt over your skin and then rinse with cool water, you will notice a instant shine and glow.

Exfoliation is very healthy and good thing for your skin make a thick pasta with sea salt, baking soda and water and massage your face with it for just 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water and that is best for acne-prone skin and it will help your skin to get rid off of toxins and pimples too.

Honey and yogurt and eggs whitening could be a great idea for broken skin and open pours. Apply the mask over your face for ten minutes and then wash with cool water, they will clean your skin and will fight with acne.

Green tea is a best natural astringent and can help with your open pores and skin germs and you could use tea-tree oil for your acne too it can actually help with your skin blockage too.

Aspirin tablets are also very good then add few tablets in cold water and just tab these drops over your pimples and let them dry and then wash with cold water and you will notice a drastic change you can use any mint tooth paste for the same purpose too