Home Remedies for Bad Breath


Bad breath or halitosis is a condition that makes the sufferer feel very uncomfortable and mortified in public. Bad breathe may be due to problem in digestive system, presence of bacteria hidden between the teeth and at the tongue’s back, smoking, gum diseases, dehydration and certain foods. Some people suffer the condition occasionally while some others are sufferers of chronic bad breathe.

Unremitting bad breath that doesn’t leave might be an indicator of internal problems like bronchitis, diabetes, liver or stomach problem and kidney malfunction. `If these conditions are not addressed timely and properly, they can aggravate and ultimately can cause death of the sufferer.

Usually regular brushing for at least two minutes, scraping the tongue using a quality scraper and thorough flossing can help you get rid of bad breathe, if these tricks don’t work, you can try home remedies to address the condition. A few home remedies for bad breathe are given here;

Chewing any spices, herbs or gums each time after having meal can help you get rid of bad breathe. Chewing these gums and herbs such as anise seeds, cloves and fennel leave a refreshing smell in your mouth while chucking out the bad one.

Rinse your mouth with homemade herbal mouth-wash or salt-water too is beneficial for chucking the bad breathe out. Get a myrrh gum, sage or calendula from the nearest drugstore or health food store. Rasp the extracts in equal proportion to prepare a mouth wash. Gargle with this home grown mouth wash each time after having meal or brushing.

Staying away from some foods and beverages may help you remove the bad breathe. Coffee, beer, whisky and wine are some of the drinks that add to the bad breathe by forming plaque on the drinkers’ teeth which in its turn bring about bad breathe.

Several foods including onion, cheese, garlic and some dairy products also contribute to bad breathe. So, cutting down on the consumption of these foods can treat bad breathe.

Parsley Treatment: Parsley is a recognized remedy for treating bad breathe. It actually contains chlorophyll which acts often as a breath deodorant. You can chew the parsley leaves or drink a juice of them to freshen up your breathe.