Home Remedies For Skin Issues


We were talking about skin issue and solutions and here are some more for you.

Home Remedies For White heads: -we know that if black heard look bad then white head has some more horrible issues and some very serious results and Honey and egg power is a great mixture for beautiful and silky flawless skin, you need to make a mask with Egg white and Honey and apply it over your clean face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with chilled and running water, Garlic is also very great remedy for white heads and you don’t need lots of things for that you just need Garlic and just make some good juice of garlic and rub it over your affected areas at least three times a day and you will see the result in three days wash it off with lukewarm water and then splash with chilled water.

Home Remedies For Skin Issues

Lemon is very good of not only white heads, but for black head too and you just need to rub Lemon juice over your face with and then wash it off before you get in sunlight, cause it is very harsh when it come with contact of sun.

Home Remedies For Stretch marks and the best thing that you can do to get marks free skin is prevent then and you can do that by using any oil massage while you are getting them and that will not only help your skin getting soft and prevent starch marks, but if you have Stretch marks then here are some tips for you, Castor oil massage is very good for you in this situation and you can use Castor oil and rub over your body and rub for some time and then cover it with a thin cotton cloth and apply some heat to the affected area, with the help of a heat bag for 30 minutes and you need to do that every day for one month.

Sugar scrub is a very good idea for treating these marks and you just need to take one table spoon Raw sugar, Almond oil and Lemon juice and massage your skin with this mixture everyday and you will see the production of new skin very soon, you can apply Potato juice over the skin to get rid of Stretch marks.

Home Remedies For Skin Issues-

Home Remedies For Ingrown hair and we don’t need to talk about it cause we all know what they are and how painful they feel and here are some tips for that, you just need to use Salt scrubber and the procedure is very simple you just need to make a fine mixture with one-cup water and 1 ½ teaspoons salt and mix it well, and now dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it over the ingrown hair, and You need to follow this every day, and you will feel better really soon.

Aspirin mask is absolutely great for your skin, just take 3-4 aspirin tablets and mix it with water or jojoba oil and mix it with honey and apply that mixture on your skin everyday and you will see a difference very soon.