Home Remedies For Skin

Home Remedies For Skin
Home Remedies For Skin

Everyone dreams of having a healthy and glowing skin. Natural beauty is a blessing so taking care of this blessing is very necessary. Different skin care products are available in market but you can also use home skin care remedies. Home remedies are a much better option because it gives you the desired outcome without side effects.

Skin Cleansing: You can prepare a skin cleanser by yourself at home using oatmeal and yogurt. Mix oatmeal and unflavored yogurt to get a comforting cleanser and cleanse your face with this cleanser daily.

Mix the plain yogurt with lemon juice and apply this mixture over your face daily to treat blemishes or tighten pores.

If your skin is sensitive and prone to redness, you can prepare a gentle cold cream cleanser that can harmonize with your skin type. Prepare this cold cream by mixing minced oats, pounding cream and chilled green tea and avoid cosmetic products.

Exfoliants: Toner removes the dead skin cells as well as the excess oil from the face that’s why regular exfoliation must be the step of your skin care routine.

A mixture of cider vinegar and water is a best toner.

Another effective exfoliant is prepared by making a paste by combining the grounds and salt with a small amount of freshly prepared and chilled coffee.

Masks: Application of facial masks is another best remedy for skin care. These facial masks keep your skin moisturized and can be prepared t home.

Prepare a chocolate facial mask ¼ cup honey, 1/3 cup ground cocoa, 2 tabs heavy/sour cream and 3 tabs ground oatmeal. Blend all the ingredients thoroughly to get a paste and apply it over your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.