Home Remedies Sunburn Treatment


Frequent and long term exposure to the sun sometimes results in sunburn. This is one of the most irritating skin conditions that feature redness, blisters, swelling and many other symptoms. It is very important to treat it timely to prevent its most worse and serious consequence, skin cancer. There is a variety of sunburn treatments available, from homemade and natural remedies to scientifically manufactured products for relieving burn.

Chemical based products sometimes turn the skin condition worse rather than curing it, so, it is wiser to use natural products or home remedies for healing burns. Few natural remedies for sunburn are given below:


Plain yogurt is universally used as a curative gist for sunburned skin. For using yogurt as the sunburn treatment, simply spread it over the burned skin regularly until the affected area nurses back to health.

Aloe Plant

Aloe is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory agent and is used for treating different skin diseases from time immemorial. It is an effective remedy for sunburn as well. Chill few aloe leaves and remove the peels from the skin. Now, the flesh part of the leaves is exposed; apply it directly to the burned area. Use repeatedly until the skin is recovered.


Application of white vinegar over the sunburned parts with the help of cotton pad can sooth the skin, prevent the blister formation and minimize peelings. Among all types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar is best.


Cucumber, well known for its soothing effects, can be effectively used to get rid of soreness and irritation caused by sunburn. Gently rub slices of fresh cucumber over the tanned skin; it will alleviate swelling and will give soothing relief to the burned skin.


Lemon, with its sanitizing properties, helps curing and gives calming relief to the burn. Extract juice of three lemons and add it into 2 cups of cold water. Apply the mixture to the affected skin using a sponge.