Home Remedies To Treat Chapped Lips


Home Remedies To Treat Chapped LipsWhen we inhale the hot air and when we keep doing that this make our lips and our skin around the lips so dry and they start getting chipped and you can see this with color red lips, they look aright in the beginning, but they feel horrible, you fell the puffiness and heaviness and the most horrible thing that is related to these lips is chipped beautiful bleeding lips.we are going to see is we can deal with them or not. These are some main and basic reasons of chipped lips and dry skin of your lips.

  • If you are not taking appropriate amount of vitamins, iron or essential fatty acids then this could be a big reason.
  • You might be suffering with dust allergy or this can be reactions of some allergic.
  • You are getting dehydrated.
  • You are licking your lips or you are moisturizing you lips with lips excessive.
  • Too much sun exposure and many more.
  • Now we are going to try some very simple home remedies to treat these painful irritating chipped lips.

The best home remedies for these chipped nails is Coconut oil, it has some very magical properties and It cannot only help you with your chipped lips, but it will make your lips look more bountiful and pretty too an you just need to take some coconut oil and keep cubing it over your lips throughout the day and soon you will be absolutely fine.

Aloe Vera is an amazing healing agent not only for your lips but for whole body too, you can use it for almost every kind of issues, it can help your hair, nails, face, body and it can make your heels look like dreamy and amazing and for all these purpose you just need to apply the natural Aloe Vera gel direct from the leave everyday and you can try to apply three time a day if you want.

Make smooth pasta with rose petals and glycerin and use it as your night lip cr5eam and it will not only help your chipped lips, but it will make your lips beautiful and neutral pink like rose.

Uses some slice of cucumber on your lips and let it get dry but don’t forget to apply some kind of petroleum jelly after that.

Honey is absolutely a magic home remedies and it has magical moisturizing agents that will deal with your dry and chipped lips sweetly and this is the fastest way to get natural moisturizers for any part of your body.

If this is something that is not new for your body and you get chipped nails throughout your years and it has nothing to do with nay new change in your life then it is something you need to deal with inside out and I am going to tell you something that I got from my grandma, you need to keep some mustard oil in a dropper and place it on your side table and when you lay down for sleep just drop few drops of this oil in your naval and stay flat for next 10 minutes and this will make your body moisturized from inside out.
Take care of yourself and enjoy natural red lips.