Homemade Conditioning Treatments


Normally we use so many things to get beautiful and healthy hair and we spend $ 100s on our hair every years, but it feel so frustrated when after all of these efforts you don’t get what you wanted to and when you fell that your hair are not getting any better and you need something more and something better and something more effective, so here is a conditioner that will help your hair and your hair texture form inside out, it will not only help you get beautiful hair, but it will help your scalp and your follicles too.

For this homemade conditioner you just need these few things which you might have at your home at the moment.

Homemade Conditioning Treatments

Small bowls, Avocado, Mayonnaise, and if you are not new here then you would know what are we going to do, you just need to take one well ripped avocado you need to mask it a fine past of it so put it in a small jar and then add some mashed avocado and then add the mayo in it an mix it really well with spoon or folk, it is up to you what thing will work best in your hands and then you just need to keep the nice green colored mixture in room temperature and then apply that on your clean and freshly washed scalp with your hands and you can use anything you like to spread the mixture in your hair and scalp and after that you just should leave it in your hair for as longer as possible for you, you can keep it for 3 hours too and then wash it off with ruing water and if you think that you need some soapy help then use the mildest shampoo possible.

Homemade Conditioning Treatments-

If you think that your hair need some healthy and beautiful shine then you can make another conditioner for your hair and you need to add one egg yolk, one avocado, and a few tablespoons of olive oil and apply that mixture in your hair for an hour or till you feel some discomfort in your scalp and then wash it off with the mildest shampoo possible.