Homemade Face Mask For Glowing Skin


Homemade Face Mask For Glowing SkinThere are millions way to get beautiful face and skin, if you think that you have tried everything to get smooth pretty skin and nothing work for you then here are some mask which we get from old wives and we all know that it was impossible to get beauty in those days but if they still manage to get it then they know far better than us and then all those cosmetic companies, so ready to try these ancient mask to get Cleopatra beauty.

Almond Face Mask For Natural Glow (if you have normal to dry skin), If you know that the almond is one of the most nutritious and one of the most famous nuts for healthy vitamins then you know that this is one of the main ingredients of herbal skin care products and if they use the essence of this natural nut then why can’t you use the real one? So use the mask of almonds to get fairer skin natural glow. If you use this mask everyday then you will see the difference yourself. You just need 5 almonds, and some milk to soak them in it and her is the easy method to make that mask.

You need to soak 5 almonds in pure healthy milk in the night and in the morning make a fine past of these milk and almonds and apply over your face and then let it dry for 15 minutes and then rub it off with smooth and simple circular massage, you can apply that method whenever you want, like you can apply the past in morning or in the night, if you apply in night then you can let it over your face overnight if you want. if you have oily skin then you can try this twice a week but if you have normal, dry skin then you can try and you should try that everyday.

Cucumber and lime juice face mask (for all skin type), we all know that cucumbers has magical properties to lighten the complexion, keeping skin young and fresh and at the same time it has qualities to remove the signs of stress so here are a mask of cucumbers and lime juice to give you glowing skin without any kind of cosmetic help.

You need equal measurement of cucumber juice and lime juice, then you need to add one tea spoon or few pinches of turmeric, one tea spoon medicated glycerin if you have dry skin and you need to mix them very well just before you want to apply this mask and then leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water and you got to use this everyday for a week and then three times a week and you will get flawless skin without any cosmetic help.

There are so many other mask that you can try at home according to your needs, you just need to use your observation and your instinct to get pretty skin, and the simple tip for that is, you can apply anything over your face that you can eat and that you like to eat, and one of the most important thing, drink lots of water to keep things clean and healthy naturally.