Homemade Lip Tips


Soft and beautiful lips make one’s personality more attractive. Apart from using cosmetics to keep the lips fresh, homemade lip tips work a lot for this purpose. Some commonly used homemade lip tips are given below.

Natural homemade lip tips,
Here are some natural homemade lip tips.
Application of malai with lemon mixed in it very effective tip for keeping lips soft. One should apply virgin almond oil while going to bed.
Application of petroleum jelly at the time of sleep is also good for lips.
Honey is another tonic for healthy lips. So one should apply honey on the lip before going to bed. While going outside one must apply lip-gloss or lipstick on the lips to prevent dehydration.
Drink plenty of water to keep the lips hydrated. To cure darkness of lips apply lemon on them. Do massage of lips with coriander leaf daily.
Apply paste made by the mixture of strawberry, honey and milk cream, and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash with simple water.

Homemade lip tips: use  of lip balm;
Use of lip balm is one of the most effective homemade lip tips.
A delicious lip balm can be made by mixing one-tablespoon cranberry sauce juice with two tablespoon Vaseline in it.