Homemade Scrub Mask For Cracked Heels


Homemade Scrub Mask For Cracked HeelsToday we are going to share some simple homemade scrub that you can use to get rid of unhealthy dead looking skin and if you are taking care of your feet properly then they will never embarrass you ever, so here are some simple scrubs that you can make at home with simple things.

So you just need to keep your feet clean and hygienic and then they will always make you feel good and happy and beautiful, first of all we will give you some simple routine tips that will help you get beautiful feet.

Soak feet for 5-10 minutes in a warm foot bath made with 1 cup milk and 5 cups warm water three times a week and after that use some thick gel formed lotion to keep the moisturizer intake.

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Wash and moisturize your feet before get in bed and if you want to add some more benefits then add lavender oil in your bath and that will make your whole body soft and beautiful.

You can use a homemade foot scrub for your feet and you just need to add 4 tablespoons salt or sugar in 1/2 cup oil, you can sue baby oil or any soft and mild oil and then scrub it on your washed and cleaned feet for 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water.

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You can try using Stridex pad over dry areas of feet and that is the most shocking thing that will show the brilliant results to you and you will really feel a deface a good one though and apply some moisturizer thickly on feet after word and you will see some soft feet even in a week.

Make a magical scrub for your feet and you need 1 cup milk, Sugar or salt, Baby oil, and now you need to add some oats in it and apply over your feet and lie down for a while and then scrub it off and see the insert difference.

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At the end, let me share some simple tips with you, use lava stone then fancy pumice stones.

Use used candles on your feet, that sound a bit strange, but you can use that plain white candle and you just need to meld down it a bit, I am not saying that use too hot on your skin, but slightly soft one is really good for your feet.

Apply fresh cream or cooking oil when you feel that they are getting dry.

Look after your feet and you would never need to hide them.