Homemade Treatment for Dry Hair


Skin and air dryness is a general problem millions of people face nowadays. Several factors can bring about dryness of hair. People suffering with hair dryness experiment with different products that claim to get rid of dryness; but the claims of, most the products prove wrong.

If you are sick of these inefficient manufactured products, simply resort to your kitchen. You will definitely find many items that can help the dry hair. All you need to do is to prepare the remedies with the ingredients and apply it to the hair and scalp.

Some efficient dry hair home remedies are given below

Water: Water is a wonderful home treatment for many health tribulations including dry hair. At times the accumulation and storage of many waste in the body leads to hair dryness. Water washes out these elements and also adds to the shine of your hair. So, it’s advised to consume at least eight glasses of water everyday to have healthy hair and healthy skin as well.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a recognized treatment for dry hair. Boil a few curry leaves with coconut oil for almost 2-3 minutes. This mixture can be stored in a cool place for a few days in a cool place. Using your fingertips put the mixture onto your scalp gently and wrap a warm towel around your head, tucking all the hairs in the towel. This treatment will ultimately leave the hair follicles well-nourished, will remove dryness and add to their strength as well.

Henna: Another herbal remedy that can be used at home to moisturize the hair is Henna. Mix 3 tablespoons of henna powder in some tea liquor and then add a little fresh yogurt to it. Stir all the ingredients well to get a pasty substance. Leave it to set overnight and apply it to your hair next morning. Wait for 2 hours until it gets dry and then gently rinse with a mild shampoo. Regular use of the treatment will improve the quality of your hair.

Lemon: Another natural ingredient that moisturizes the hair well is lemon juice. Pour some lemon juice in a mug of plain water and use the potion to rinse your hair just after applying a shampoo.

Home Made Hair Pack: Prepare a hair pack with some olive or almond mixed with egg yolk. Dab the pack on the top of your hair and allow it to dry out fully. This hair pack will moisturize your hair and cut down on dryness if used regularly.