Hourglass Figures: Flattering, Fashionable Ways to Dress Your Body Type

Hourglass Figures
Hourglass Figures: Flattering, Fashionable Ways to Dress Your Body Type

If you are blessed with hourglass figure, it is your good luck. You’re dressing influence your looks a lot, that’s why you should be very careful while choosing dress; always keep your body shape in mind while selecting attires.

Follow the below given tips to play up your figure with flattering clothing

Be Confident About Your Figure

Be Confident About Your Figure:

Do you have an hourglass figure? Be confident!!! Don’t try to disguise your body shape. Wearing baggy or loose outfits to hide their figure is the biggest mistake women use to make often. It is advisable not to camouflage your bust area or curves in shapeless and huge T-shirts or other dresses; they will only make you look shabby. Play up your curves by wearing the dress that can accentuate them in a best way.

Kim Accentuate Your WaistAccentuate Your Waist:

Most hour-glass figured women have petite waist as compare to their bust and hip widths. Therefore they must be very careful while selecting cloths and should opt for a dress that can emphasize their petite waist. Dresses with belts that can tie around the smallest waist area are the best option. Pencil skirts with waistband and empire tops are also great options for ladies having hourglass figure. Making the bust area more prominent and disguising the bulky lower half of the body, the empire dress highlights the petite waist.

Even Out Your Body:

If you are trying to make the most of curves, first and foremost thing you have to do is to even out your body. For this purpose attire with clear cut stripes may be the much batter option for you instead of figure hugging or shapeless dresses. Another good idea for skimming your body is accentuating one area of your body at one time. For instance, if you have opted for a form fitted skirt, you should go for a less enlightening shirt to highlight your waist. And if you are sporting a flowing skirt, pair it with a fitted shirt, to play up the curves of upper body.