How to Achieve Kristen Stewart Inspired Smokey Eye Makeup


How to Achieve Kristen Stewart Inspired Smokey Eye MakeupSmokey eye makeup is one of the evergreen eye makeup trend that never manage to lose popularity among the women. This particular eye makeup style brings out your eyes, making them the focal point of your face. The finest eyeshadow options to create this glam look are grays, browns and blacks.

With a lot of drama attached with this makeup style, the Smokey eye happens to be one of the most favorite eye makeup styles of Twilight star Kristen Stewart who is the diehard fan of dark, sultry eye makeup.

How to Achieve Kristen Stewart Inspired Smokey Eye Makeup-

May or may not you’re an avid fan of Smokey eye effect; Bella’s brown Smokey eyes will definitely make your fall in love with the style. Here a few tips to recreate Kristan Stewart’s smokey eye look fabulously and immaculately. Check out the tips.

Prime the eyes

Start off by cleansing and priming the lids to make them smooth and absolutely free of any dirt, grime and imperfections and to offer your cosmetics a sticky surface to adhere with thus giving you a lasting effect. Just make sure to use right foundation and concealer that goes with your natural coloring.

Contour the waterline and lash line

Once you’ve primed the skin, delineate your top and bottom waterline with a dark colored pencil eyeliner. Also do lining of the top and bottom lash-line with black eyeliner so as to give your peepers plenty of definition. If you’ve smaller, narrower eyes use white eyeliner instead of black to brighten up your eyes a bit more and make them look wider.

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Apply Eyeshadow

Now grab your eyeshadow pellet; pat your eyeshadow brush in the lightest shade of your brown eyeshadow and run it all across your eyelid. Apply the darker brown on the corner of your lid, blending it towards the inside corner to achieve a uniform transition from one shade to the other. Also run a little color under your lower lid over the eyeliner with an angled brush.

Lush up those lashes

Finally, curl your lashes with your eyelash curler and lush them up with multiple coats of thickening and lengthening mascara and you’re ready to flaunt your fabulous and dramatic brown smoky eyes.