How To Apply Blusher


Blusher adds to the rosy glow to your face. While the blusher is applied it will change the whole face towards the radiant beauty. The correct use of the blusher changes the look of face from slim to wider.

Here are certain measures to be taken in the use of blushers;

  • To apply the blusher in right form, the thing you need is the right brush. The brush for blusher is big with compact but soft bristles and round head.
  • The shade to be selected will be according to your skin tone of cheeks or match with the whole make up so as to give the harmony in whole make up and look natural.

How To Apply Blusher

  • Choose the formula of the blusher which is compatible to your skin type. For the dry skin use creamy blusher and for the oily skin the powdered blusher is used.
  • Blusher is applied in last one step before the whole makes up. So when the whole make up and eyes are prepared after make up turn toward the blusher.

How To Apply Blusher-

  • If it is in powdered form then dab the brush at the blusher but sprinkle before to use to remove the extra blusher, while in case of creamy blusher take it in dots on the skin and blend it.
  • For the plus size face suck your cheeks inward and get the pits at the cheeks. Now apply the blusher at these pits toward temples and toward hair line.
  • For the normal face make the smiling face and apply the blusher an apple form at cheeks and the direction will be outward toward the hair line,
  • If the jaw bones are more prominent then highlight at the center of your cheeks to accentuate your bones. And blend it downward to make the natural look.

How To Apply Blusher-0



  • The shades should match with the skin tone the lighter shade for lighter skin tones.
  • For luminous rosy cheeks the gel or creamy blushers are used.
  • Wash the brushes carefully after use.