How To Apply Concealer


Any flaw in the skin and in feature of the face may be covered by makeup but some time the make only is not enough to hide and beautify the features then by latest techniques the use of concealed we can wonderfully make over the makeup. Usually the concealer is used to hide the age spots skin blemishes and any other skin disturbing factor.

The following tip should be noted while applying the concealers;

  • Clean your face and prepare it for the application of concealer and makeup. The skin compatible facial soap or face wash are used for this purpose. Then it is dried with simple patting with micro fiber towel. Apply the moisturizer and toners on the face.
  • Select the concealer according to skin tone and skin compatibility. Usually the concealer shade is one grade lighter then the skin tone so that it properly blends with the skin. For the dry skin the cream based with moisturizer are used.
  • Now the time to apply the concealer for this purpose use the clean fingers, Q tips, clean brushes and sponges. The skin blemish area and skin acne scars are covered first,
  • For getting even skin texture blend the concealer properly by using the finger tips circular motion or by using make up sponges or by brushes. In either case the blending should be done so neatly that any fine distinct lines between the concealer spots and the other skin tone are become even.
  • Under eyes the use of concealer applied in slightly different way. The ring finger is used for this purpose and then dab with the gentle strokes of finger tips in outward direction.  Avoid any harshness because of delicacy of the skin under the eyes and require careful handling.
  • After applying concealer give some strokes of compact powder so that it will hold the concealer at its place.
  • Now apply the thin layer of foundation and blend it with the concealer in an even way so that no harsh lines are seen. After this other makeup items are applied gradually.


  1. Do not apply much concealer at first because it will difficult to handle and create the artificiality.
  2. Blending in each step is most important for   fine looks.
  3. After removing make up clean your face with face wash and avoid pulling the skin under eyes and allow drying by gentle dabbing.
  4. After all this apply moisturizer.