How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup

How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup
How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup

How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup, It’s impossible to complete eye makeup without eyeshadow. If properly worn, eyeshadow gives an alluring look to your eyes; however, it will make your eyes look worse if unprofessionally applied. That’s why it’s very important to learn the proper way to apply eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup are given below;

Powder Eyeshadow;

Powder Eyeshadow
Powder Eyeshadow

First step in the application of eyeshadow is applying the primer, or liquid eyeshadow base or concealer. Put on the primer using a sponge or clean fingers and then blend it thoroughly from your lashline into the brow bone.

Second step is the application of neutral eyeshadow like light brown, peach or beige on the eyelids.

After applying neutral color on the lids, apply a bit darker shade to the pleat. Make sure keeping the darker color to crease only; don’t flip it upward. If you love to have bolder look, try bolder shades that can complement your natural eye shade.

Now, complete your eye makeup applying rest of the components. Be careful while applying mascara and eyeliner so that they can’t smear your eyeshadow.  However, f despite of careful application, it happens then simply place a cotton mop on the spot and twist it gently to remove the marks with least eyeshadow smearing.

Cream Eyeshadow;

Apply the primer in the above mentioned way. Apply the cream eyeshadow on the lids using a sponge or the finger and blend it gently but thoroughly to even out the color.

Evenly dust transparent powder or identical eyeshadow on the lids; it will not let the eyeshadow slid off your lids.

Apply rest of the makeup carefully to avoid getting their spots on the eyeshadow. If you get any spot on the eyeshadow then remove it with cotton swab.

Eyeshadow Makeup Eyeshadow Makeup-