How To Apply False Eyelashes


Long eye lashes are very attractive feminine character. It makes the eyes bigger fuller and more inviting. The modern technology invented the false eye lashes to create the illusion of big eyes. These eye lashes are available in different colors, length, and styles. If these are applied in correct way these appear like true lashes.

The following steps to be taken while applying the false eye lashes:

  • If the lash is wider then the eyes then it may be trimmed with lash to lash.
  • Optionally trim the lashes in such a way that it will give the thickness to the original ones and are lengthy at the outer edge then the inner.
  • Squeeze the eye lash glue at the back of your hand and   apply it on the lash gently.
  • Now pick the eye lash with tweezers and take it as close to your natural eye lash as much as possible.
  • Press the fake eyes lash to the original one softly at the whole length and hold it when the glue dries up usually from 30 seconds to a minute. It depends upon the adhesive to be used. And it will also allow the glue to set and not to be lifting up with the hand.
  • Apply mascara while pressing the fake eye lash with your finger; this will bound the fake with the original one. It is more beneficial if the curler is used before the mascara.
  • Then the liner is applied on the lash line. It should be carefully applied so that any gap should be filled nicely.

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Tweezers is used to pick the lashes   at the lids.

The glue is not directly applied at the lids. It is on the back of the false eye lashes.