How to Apply Makeup Part I


How to Apply Makeup Part IEveryone knows how much it is to look gorgeous for a woman, and makeup is one of the ideal and efficient ways to look your best. It is important to know how to apply different makeup products correctly and what should be the order of applying different products. Many women use to have tough time while applying makeup.

So, to make the task easier for you, I have made an easy tutorial on how to apply makeup. Go through the full post and you’ll definitely get hang of routine makeup after some practice.

Start of With Sunscreen

A dewy, spanking skin is gorgeous and juvenile. Starting off with a pre-cleansed face, spread sunscreen allover your face and neck. Whether it’s rain or shine, sunscreen application should be the part of your everyday skincare regimen. You may also want to use a moisturizer or foundation with Sun Protection Factor instead of sunscreen.

Apply Concealer

Follow the sunscreen with concealer. A concealer is you best friend if you’re not blessed with naturally immaculate skin. It masks up the flaws and give an illusion of clear complexion. Apply the product allover your face meticulously and blend it well into the skin to avoid a cacky look.

Follow with Foundation

Next up, use foundation! You may also want to use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to even out the skin tone. No matter which product you restore to, just make sure to blend it thoroughly, especially along the jaw-line to prevent a tell-tale line.

Set With Powder

After you’ve worked with sunscreen, concealer and foundation and have blended them well, dust a little translucent powder allover your face. This will set the products in place and give you a matte finish by absorbing any excess oil.