How to Apply Makeup Part II



Brighten up your cheeks with blusher; smile in the mirror to make your cheekbones visible and add blusher to those. If you feel like sun-kissed look also bronzer to your cheeks.

Work Eyeliner

Now your face makeup is done; let’s start eye makeup! Begin with eyeliner! There are several techniques to apply eyeliner such as cat eyeliner, smokey eyeliner, basic eyeliner and so on. For a basic eye, simply apply eyeliner to the upper as well lower lashes, smudging the lower line bit to avoid a drawn-on look.

Use Eye Lightener

Often referred as concealer, the eye base will mask up any imperfect skin areas and thus give the false impression of immaculate skin. Apply the product allover your lid as well as under the eyes and blend well.

How to Apply Makeup Part II

Apply Eyeshadow

Thereafter, work with eyeshadows. The basic eyeshadow application technique involves the use of two shades—lighter and darker. The lighter shade should be used as a base shadow and supposed to be worked allover the lid. The darker shade, however, should be applied in the crease. Blend both shades well.

Next is Mascara

The final step of a basic eye makeup is mascara. First curls those lashes with your eyelash curler and then lush them up with multiple coats of your preferred mascara,

Complete the Look With Lipstick

After finishing off with face and eye makeup, you’ll be able to figure out what type of lip treatment is needed. Outline your lips with your lip liner and then fill them in with a lip-balm, lip-gloss or lipstick.