How To Apply Mascara In Easy Steps


how-to-apply-mascara-in-easy-stepsHow To Apply Mascara In Easy Steps – Eye makeup plays the key role in making you gorgeous. If you apply nothing on face just few strokes of makeup on eyes your entire look has been changed.  In eye make up the   curly eye lashes give the final touch to the eye makeup.

Here are some quick steps in making the lashes beautiful:

  1. First to select the mascara whether it is just to lengthen the lashes or you want the thickening and curling of lashes.
  2. Choose the color of the mascara which should be complementary to the eye make up and also with the color of the eyes. If your eyes are blue then the black mascara does well in accentuating the feature. If you have brown eyes then the range between dark brown to   black suits according to your eye color shades.
  3. After selecting the type of mascara and color of mascara shade, select wand which should curl properly at your lashes. The mascara wand will be such that give the application without smudging or clumping the lashes together.
  4. Before applying mascara use primer to the lashes to keep they separate. Many makeup artist use the primer just for smooth application of mascara.
  5. Now not to pump the wand in or out of the mascara bottle, it will add bubbles in it and   causes the clumping of the   product.
  6. Top make up artists bend the wand at right angle for steady application.
  7. While applying the mascara zig Zagging the wand back and forth to eliminate the clumping of the mascara at the lashes.
  8. Start to apply at the top lashes first and then at lower lashes.
  9. Cover first the basis of the lashes and then at the tips. The wand should be wiggled from left to right at the base lashes not at the tips to give the illusion of long lashes.
  10. Now close the eyes and apply at the top of the lashes, pull through the eyes to remove the clumps
  11. Avoid blinking at least for 5 seconds and allow it to dry completely.
  12. When the first coat dries then apply the second coat of mascara if required.
  13. After application of mascara wash the mascara wand by dipping in the eye lotions and dry it with air drier.