How To Apply Mascara Tips for Short Lashes


Mascara is an integral part of eye makeup that serves to make your lashes look full and alluring. It is arguably the most popular cosmetic among the women across the globe. Women use it to enhance their eyes that in-turn enhance their beauty.

Mascara Tips for Short Lashes

One thing you must take into account while choosing mascara is its formula. A variety of formulas are available in market with wax as its major component. Some popular formulas include the curling, the non-clumping, the lengthening, waterproof and the volumizing mascaras.

How To Apply Mascara Tips for Short Lashes

How To Apply Mascara Tips for Short Lashes;

If you are aiming to render your lashes a lengthy appearance then your choice definitely will be the “lengthening” mascara; however, if your wish is to add volume to your lashes along with length then volumizing mascara is the ideal option. While groping a mascara box, try to find the addition of yarns such-as nylon.  These yarns serve as a mascara base.

Tubing mascara is another great option for adding length to the lashes. This type of mascara is somewhat wetter than the others. A problem with this formula is that on getting dry it encircle the eyelashes in tube form.

How To Apply Mascara Tips for Short Lashes-

Though you can go for any shade of mascara that complements your outfit but choosing black, vastly pigmented mascara is a wiser option. Mostly the volume of the lashes at tips use to be lighter than at the base, black mascara coats these tips and make the lashes appear longer.

The fourth thing that needs special attention while choosing mascara is the type of applicator. If you want to add length to your lashes then it is advisable not to choose a thick brush having many dense bristles as it serves to add volume thus making the lashes look even shorter. You should rather go for a brush with spaced bristles on a small wand.  Wand with plastic bristles works especially well in enlargement.

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After choosing the perfect mascara according to your lashes type, start mascara application. Firstly use a quality eyelash curler to curl your lashes for making your eyes look lively.  Now, place the mascara-wand at the base of your lashes, wriggle it somewhat, and then gradually drag it through the length of your full eyelashes.

Let the mascara get dry and then remove the clumps from lashes using a lash comb.

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