5 Step To Apply Prom Makeup – Prom Makeup is The Effective Way to Get The Desired Glam and Beauty

prom Makeup is The Effective Way to Get The Desired Glam and Beauty
Prom Makeup is The Effective Way to Get The Desired Glam and Beauty

Prom night is one of the most exciting events in the life of a teenage female and she wants looking her best on this occasion. Prom makeup is the effective way to get the desired glam and beauty. Usually the services of a professional beautician are hired by the females since they want to have perfect prom makeup, however, you can do the professional-quality makeup by yourself if you know the proper way to do it.
In this article we are letting you know the steps to create flawless prom makeup……..

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Step I – First cleanse and dry up the face. Then after apply foundation base to the entire face and blend it well to even out the skin tone. Foundation also serves to hide the skin imperfections such as freckles and scars etc. As a good quality foundation is the key to a perfect ultimate look, so, pick a quality and best suited foundation.

Step II – Bring out your cheek by smiling and apply blush to them. Pick red or pink blush that complements your natural skin tone and the attire you are sporting. Make use of a large makeup brush to sweep blush-on right under the cheek bone.

Step III – Next don eye makeup. One thing you should always care about while doing prom makeup is not to highlight your mouth and eyes both because it will look overdone. Just focus on the eyes to get the desired amazing appearance.

Begin the eye makeup with the application of concealer to even out the skin tone under and around the eyes. Dab few spots of concealer under the eyes and on the creases of the eyes. Blend it well with the help of your ring finger and then apply eye shadow. Go for three-shaded approach; lightest, second-darkest, darkest shades, when it comes to pick eye shadow shades.

First apply the lightest shade on the base of your eyelid and brush it across the entire lid. After that apply second-darkest color just along your eyelid only and finish off with the darkest shade above that, up to the brow line. Blend all three shades well with the help of your finger or a makeup brush.

Use the eyeliner for making your eyes stand-out even more. Draw a line right along your upper lashline using eyeliner; starting from the inner corner, work your way out towards the outer corner of the lid. For the lower lashline; start from the middle of the eye and work your way in outward direction.

Curl the lashes using eyelash curler and then apply two coats of black mascara.

Step IV – Give the finishing touch to your prom makeup with the lipstick. Pick a subtle, warm-colored lipstick that matches your eyeshadow shades as well. First, bring out the natural shape of your lips by drawing a line right along your natural lip line with the help of a lip-liner of the similar shade as of the lipstick. Then after apply lipstick. At the end apply a little lip-gloss to prevent lips from drying up.

Step V – For added glam, sprinkle a bit glitter or sparkly on your neck and face.