How To Apply The Crackle Nail Polish

How To Apply The Crackle Nail Polish
How To Apply The Crackle Nail Polish

Your hands tell the beauty of your personality. Many times we have no need to speak just by our touch we describe our feelings. The manicure is incomplete if we not use the latest trend in polishing our nails. With each new season there are many new trends in cosmetics. Same is true for nail polishes. The crackle nail polish gives your nails an artistic look.


In this polish a solvent ethanol is added to the polish that makes the film dry quickly and unevenly. It produces the effect entirely different from the classic nail polish style. The addition of alcohol to the formula will create an imperfect film that shrinks as it dries, resulting in the cracks and crevices that show off the base coat.


  1. It is applied in a 3 step process.
  2. In the first step apply a traditional base coat and let it dry completely.
  3. The second step is the magical step; in it apply the crackle layer over the base coat. In as little as 3 to 5 minutes the fissures form. Use a thin layer for a finely fractured pattern and a thick layer for a chunkier look.
  4. In the third step you should apply a gloss coat, if the surface is smooth it will brings the shine in polish.


  • For base coat it is recommended to apply the white or neon pink,If you have a light crackle use darker colors in base coat for a cool affect and if you have a dark crackle use bright colors for an interesting contrast.
  • Don’t apply it too thick or it won’t separate, but don’t apply it too thin or it will be streaky.
    It’s very simple; just keep in mind not to put more than one layer of crackle glaze, because it can turn out not as nice.