How to Avoid a Sunburn

Best Vitamins for Acne Treatment By Using Some Skin Care Methods
Best Vitamins for Acne Treatment By Using Some Skin Care Methods

Variety of products is on market today that offers protection from the damaging sun rays. However, despite of presence of such a vast variety of products some people suffer from sunburn. If it is inevitable for you to avoid sun and UV light exposure, by using few tips you can maintain the healthy skin.

Natural Ways to Avoid Sunburn

Use Sun-block Daily: The most effective and easiest way to protect skin from sun and UV light damage is applying a broad-spectrum sun-block or sunscreen everyday. Make use of a foundation or moisturizer with SPF formula to ensure that your skin is protected from sun damage. Moreover, it will prevent the premature aging and wrinkle formation as well. Sunscreen or sunscreen wipe in your handbag and keep on using it every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

Look for the Shade and Cover Up: If sunscreen or sun-block with SPF is not readily available, a number of other alternatives are also there that can provide sun protection. Get into a floppy or wide-brimmed hat and full sleeved attires to shield your face and whole body from sun. Pick off light-weight and light-colored attires if you want to stay extra cool. Moreover, try to seek shade when the sunrays are highly intense.

Consume Lycopene: Addition of extra lycopene in routine diet is another efficient natural way to prevent sun burn. It has been shown by the studies that those who intake more lycopene are more resilient to sunburns. Fats and oils such as mayonnaise and olive oil etc are the rich sources of lycopene.

Treatment For Sunburn

If anyway sun has wreaked havoc on your skin, you can easily treat it using natural treatments and remedies. Aloe vera is recognized natural treatment for relieving sunburn. Apart from this, application of wet cloth or ice packs is also recommended by the doctors to relieve burning sensation. Finally, keep your body well-moisturized and hydrated while you are recovering because skin needs extra water to recreate itself.