How to Avoid Getting Lipstick On Your Teeth


How to Avoid Getting Lipstick On Your TeethGetting lipstick stains on the teeth is something that can make you feel really embarrassed when you’re with you pals or colleagues. It isn’t a new issue; it has overwhelmed many women throughout the history. However, the issue can be easily dealt with if you learn a few simple ways to keep the lipstick from smudging and bleeding.

Start With Smooth Lips

Start With Smooth LipsThe first and foremost tip to avoid getting lipstick stains on your teeth is to begin with smooth, well-exfoliated lips. The matter is that the flaky, chapped skin doesn’t let the lip-color adhere better to the lips and cause it to migrate elsewhere. When the lips will be smooth, lip-color will be less likely to move away.

Finger Method prevent lipstick

Finger Method

Another easy way to prevent lipstick from bleeding is to suck in your index finger and then pull it out. This will pop out any excess lipstick, keeping it from staining your lips.

Use Lip-Liner

Use Lip-Liner

Using a lip-liner on the inner part of your lips is another effectual way to prevent a lipstick faux pas as the liner doesn’t bleed easily.

Pick The Lipstick WiselyPick The Lipstick Wisely

Making use of a transfer-proof formula of lippy is another thing you do to keep it from sticking on your teeth. Alternatively, you can resort to matte lipsticks since they do not move around so much.

Try Vaseline MethodTry Vaseline Method

Applying a little Vaseline over the teeth can also do the trick. Vaseline will not let the excess lip-color stick on your teeth and if some color smudge on
your teeth, you can easily slide it off your teeth.

Blot Your LipstickBlot Your Lipstick

Blot your lipstick before leaving the house. Lipsticks sometime contain oils which cause it to blur. Blotting will do away with the excess oil.

Dab On Translucent Powder

If you find the color moving around even after blotting, dab on a little translucent powder on top of your lips, it will suck up any excess oil and thus will keep your lipstick from smudging.